Krutds255 (rush0304) wrote in bowlingfans,

Hi my name is Tom, help save a bowling alley.

Hi my name is Tom I am glad I joined this site. I normally bowl every saturday night in Brooklyn New York, for mark lanes bowling alley. I have a 151 average, with a 212 high game and a 520 scratch, though I had a bad week this week. Just a 160 game, and a 439 scratch.

Unfortunately my bowling alley of 10 years may close, why you may ask? Because as usual a department store century 21 which seems to be buying stores in the area, wants to build a 280 car parking lot with a floor of retail. Well I am trying to do a few things to stop it, for one I have a petition at which has nearly 1000 signatures already in just less than two months. I have also been interviewed by the new york times, daily news, and bascially every newspaper in my community.

Thousands upon Thousands use the lanes here, from schools, seniors and in between including my two brothers. The nearest center also may close as well, if you can please sign my petition I would certainly appericate it, I love bowling every saturday for 10 years it has been the place I could go to and count on, if this happens I don't know what will happen, but my sn is brcshar4 if anyone ever wanted to talk bowling or anything else, well thanks.
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