Tom Bell (kingbowser123) wrote in bowlingfans,
Tom Bell


Hi fellow bowling fans.

Name's Tom ;).

I started out bowling with an average of 92 and now I have moved up to 109 over around 6-8 months.

It's a fun sport, isn't it? You don't necessarily have to be super-fit to play it either :-D.

In the past couple of weeks though I have fallen into a rough patch where most of my scores are below 100 :(. I'm not sure what I am doing specifically wrong. It's a bit tricky when you have to focus on several things at once :(.

All I know is that the ball follows the direction of the arm as it's released. If it's aiming at the gutter well I don't need to tell anyone here where the ball is going to end up LOL.

I have only just set up a new bowling community tenpinbowlers. I'm looking for anyone who has an active interest in bowling. I'm struggling to find any seriously active bowling-dedicated communities here at the moment.

Nice to meet you all ;).


-- Tom.
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