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-Name: Helen
-Age: 22
-When you bowl (and if you're in a league or bowl on a school team): Wednesday night is league, then tournaments often at weekends and I fit in practise when I can...if I can't, I work out.
-How long you've been bowling:  Started playing when I was 8 years old and played in the odd youth tournament. It was only when I moved to Northern Ireland in 2004, that I realised I could take it more seriously and that I was actually quite good. I'm now back in England.
-Location: London

Starting avg: God only knows!
Highest avg to date: 201 for a monthly league, high league average apart from that was 198, tournament was 200 for last season.
Current avg: 190ish. I'm not getting on too well with the centre I'm now bowling in - very dry lanes which don't suit me.
High game: 299
High series: 734

I'm a former Northern Ireland international and I competed in the Bowling World Cup in St Petersburg last November. :)
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